Let MyMoon cater your next event.  We've selected some of our favorites, perfect for birthdays, showers, cocktail parties, holiday gatherings or corporate socials. A minimum of 72 hours advanced notice required. Large orders may require more time.  All items are presented on sturdy cater ware trays, or you may bring your own platters in advance for a more personal touch.  Customized menus available, please, contact us for a detailed menu proposal.

All orders must be placed at least 72 hours in advance.  Minimum order $200  |  Minimum order for pick up before 1 pm is $400.


To order, please give us the details here and we will contact you within 24 hours or less to confirm your order and collect your payment info. 

*Please note, all orders cancelled within 24 hours of your pick-up time are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

catering menu

minimum of two dozen per each

 Tartaletas de Hongos

$36 / per dozen

wild mushroom confit, puff pastry, basil oil


Chicken Skewers

$38 / per dozen

marinated chicken, chili oil, pimentón de la vera,

lime zest, avocado mousse


Pinchos de Bistec

$54/ per dozen

grilled skirt steak skewers, peppers, cherry tomatoes



$42 / per dozen

crispy shrimp skewers, ginger aïoli


Mixed Mediterranean Olives

$12 / per pound

citrus juice, lemon & orange zest, garlic,

thyme, sweet pimentón



$40 / per dozen

beef sliders, lettuce, tomato


Cured Salmon Skewers  

$44 / per dozen

coarse sea salt & brown sugar, lime, orange zest



Mini Empanadas 

$34 / per dozen

beef or pulled chicken, salsa verde


Croquetas de Espinaca

$36 / per dozen

spinach béchamel croquettes, currants, pine nuts


Coca de Calabazin

$39 / per dozen

spinach béchamel croquettes, currants, pine nuts


Tuna Soja

$45 / per dozen

marinated tuna loin, ginger, soy sauce, sesame seeds


Patatas Brava

$30 / per dozen

classic spanish potatoes, lemon aïoli, brava sauce



$46 / per dozen

focaccia toasts, babaganoush,

spanish white anchovies

Hummus Toasts

$36 / per dozen

hummus, focaccia toasts